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 Decorative Traffic Control: Backers         Raised Border Backer RBB-32-S FB-26x20 RBB-26x20 26"x20" FB-32x26 RBB-32x26 32"x26" FB-MP RBB-MP 8"x14" FB-HC RBB-HC 20"x14" FB-26-Y RBB-26-Y 26" FB-26-S RBB-26-S 26" FB-26-D RBB-26-D 26" FB-26-SQ RBB-26-SQ 26" FB-32-Y RBB-32-Y 32" FB-32-S RBB-32-S 32" FB-32-D RBB-32-D 32" FB-32-SQ RBB-32-SQ 32" FB-38-Y RBB-38-Y 38" FB-38-S RBB-38-S 38" FB-38-D RBB-38-D 38" FB-38-SQ RBB-38-SQ 38" Decorative Backers are available for hundreds of standard D.O.T. traffic control panels — in flat-cut aluminum (FB) OR upgraded backers with a raised border (RBB)         Custom shapes FB-HCMP and sizes available RBBB-HCMP     Raised Border Backer Sign .75" wide raised border Flat Border Backer .080 thickness Sign 26"x14"     WE STOCK H.I.P. STOP SIGNS, SPEED LIMIT, YIELD, HANDICAP, ETC.  SHR3-SF FIts 3" O.D. SHR4-SF FIts 4" O.D. SIGN HOLDER RINGS SHR3-DF-SC FIts 3" O.D. SHR4-DF-SC       FIts 4" O.D.   9   DOWNLOAD PAGE       

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