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 Decorative Traffic Control: Accessories   BLADE HOLDERS • Available in 6" and 9" heights and lengths from 24" to 48." Custom Sizes are available. • Decorative Blade Holders are fabricated out of aluminum and can be built to hold nearly all types of D.O.T. blades. PADDLE BLADES • Paddle Blades are fabricated using 1/4" aluminum plate and are precision- routed to shape. • Available with channel mounting bracket for thru-bolting to post, or with slip-collars for 3" or 4" posts. • Available in 6" and 9" or custom shapes and sizes. Available with channel bracket for thru bolting to post    PBH-6 PBH – 6"x36" PBH-9 PBH – 9"x48" SBH-6 SBH – 6"x36" SBH-9 SBH – 9"x48" DBH-9 DBH – 9"x48" DBH-6 DBH – 6"x36" HBH-9 HBH – 9"x36" DLBH-6 DLBH – 6"x30" DLBH-9 DLBH – 9"x48" CBH-9 CBH – 9"x48" MD-HBH MD-HBH PBHL-9x36 PBHL – 9"x36" PBHMB-9x36 PBHMB – 9"x36" PBHV-9x36 PBHV – 9"x36" SBH-3 • SBH-4 Available for 3" or 4" pole SBH – 9"x36" SBHC-3 • SBHC-4 Available for 3" or 4" pole SBHC – 9"x36" PBS-RLB1-9 (pictured) PBS-RB1-9 (pictured) PBR-CB1-9 (pictured) PBR-CB2-9 (pictured) PBR-CB3-9 (pictured) PBS-RLB1-6 9"x36" PBS-RB1-6 PBR-CB1-6 PBR-CB2-6 PBR-CB3-6                   9"x36" 9"x36"              PBR-CL1-9 (pictured) PBR-CL1-6 9"x36" 9"x36" LOGO BLADES PBR-CL2-9 (pictured) PBR-CL2-6 PBR-CL3-9 (pictured) PBR-CL3-6     Sign Blades shown sold separately. 10   DOWNLOAD PAGE        

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