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     Wayfinding: Directionals  Square Post 800 Series base  Standard Panel Shapes A.1 B.1 C.1 D.1 E.1 F.1 Standard Sizes 6"x30" or 9"x36" (custom sizes and shapes available) Stand-Off Rings (SOR) Panels are made out of 1/4" aluminum or ACM, precision-routed to shape, using mechanical fasteners (stainless steel hardware) with the SOR bracket.      SOR-3 Fits 3" Round Post    SOR-4 RS-SOR-3 Fits 3" Round Post Fits 4" Round Post  SOC-2S Fits 2"    RS-SOR-4 Fits 4" Round Post  WF-SOC-5-GR SOC-3S Fits 3" Square Post 300-4-SOR-9x36 9"x36"  300-SOR-6x36 RSF-WF-6x30   WF-SOC-9x36   36"x5 Graphics Rider 6"x36"   12   DOWNLOAD PAGE   DESIGN BY DAWSON ASSOCIATES      

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