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 Hanging Brackets Choose any of the standard hanging brackets...OR...we can build to fit your needs. Most hanging brackets are available in heavy duty options for signs larger than 36" wide.            8" SQUARE ARMS SHA Available up to 40" Plain Hanging Bracket PHB-S Available up to 40" Scroll Hanging Bracket SHB-S Available up to 40" Mini Scroll Bracket MSB-S 8" 131/2" ROUND ARMS RHA Available up to 40"           16" 16" Mini Deco Bracket MDB-S Available up to 27" Plain Hanging Bracket PHB-R Available up to 40" 16" Scroll Hanging Bracket SHB-R Available up to 40"              Heavy Duty Swing Bracket HD-SB-R   Available up to 40"           101/2" 83/4" Decorative Hanging Bracket DHB-R Available up to 40" Decorative Logo Hanging Bracket DLHB-R Available up to 40"       Available up to 27" 161/2" 161/2"         28" Oval Hanging Bracket OHB OHB-L 30"x45" OHB-M 24"x36" OHB-S 18"x27" OHB-MINI 12"x18" Corinthian Hanging Bracket CHB-R Available up to 40" Down Bars    201/2"     PANEL HANGING OPTIONS  Standard Eye Hook Channel Mount Flat Bar/Tabs Available for signs up to 11/2" thick                      All Hanging Brackets come standard with eye hooks, unless otherwise specified.   Available for panel thickness up to 1" Requires two panels                 Standard Add channel Add flat bar Sign panels mounted back to back 18   DOWNLOAD PAGE        

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