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       Standard Panel Shapes We custom CNC routed sign panels from your choice of .080, .125" or .25" aluminum. Next, we powder-coat in a broad array of colors or spray a custom PMS color using Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane Paint. We also offer ACM and PVC. Panel shapes can be modified to accommodate your custom shape using your electronic file.         24"x18" 24"x18" 24"x18" 24"x18" 18"x24" 32"x24" 32"x24" 32"x24" 32"x24" 24"x32" 24"x18" 32"x24" 18"x24" 24"x32" 15"x12" 24"x22" 18"x24" 24"x32" G   E ABCD F HIJ 30"x24" 33"x30"                96"x48" K 72"x48" 72"x48" LM 48"x72" 48"x36" 48"x24" NO 36"x18" 24"x 24"x18" 24"x18" 12" 24"x18"                     48"x72" 12"x18" 24"X36" 18"X27" 30"X45" Any Size Y PQRST 48"x96" Z 4SB finial 24"x18" 4" sq post  W VX     SP3-18x24-2 SP4-24x36-2 24"x36" SF3D finial SF4B finial SP3-18x12-1 3SB finial 18"x12" 3" sq post SP4-24x18-1                   SP2-12x18x1 2SB finial 12"x18" 2" sq post SP3-18x24-1 SF3B finial 18"x24" 3" sq post 18"x24"    3" sq post Black 4" sq post        • ACM .25" available in black and white • Aluminum .080", .125" and .25" • Choice of “super durable” powder coat finish in large variety of colors. *ACM colors shown in catalog may vary • Choice of any custom PMS color using Matthews. Acrylic Polyurethane Paint at additional charge. .125" or .25" STOCK ACM COLORS ACM (Aluminum Composite Material)  White Nudo Blue Nudo Green Nudo Almond .125" or .25" .125" .125" .125" 32   DOWNLOAD PAGE        

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