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 Standard Panel Shapes We custom CNC route sign panels from various materials: aluminum (.080”, .125”, .25”), ACM (.125”, .25”), PVC (.5”, 1”, 1.5”), HDU (1”, 1.5”, 2”). We finish these panels with either Powder Coat (aluminum only) or Paint to match Pantone Matching System (PMS) specifications with Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane. Panel shapes can be modified to accommodate your custom shape using your electronic file. 24"x18" 24"x18" 24"x18" 24"x18" 18"x24" 24"x18" 18"x24" 18"x24" 15"x12" 24"x22" 32"x24" 32"x24" 32"x24" 32"x24" 24"x32" 32"x24" 24"x32" 24"x32" 30"x24" 33"x30" ABCD FGHIJ E                           96"x48" K 72"x48" 72"x48" LM 48"x36" 48"x24" 36"x18" 24"x18" 24"x18" 24"x 24"x18" NOP 12"                    48"x72" 48"x72" V W 12"x18" X 18"x27" 24"x36" 30"x45" ACM COLORS Any Size QRST 48"x96"  YZ       Available in .125" and .25" thickness Black White    Available in .125" thickness    Beige PMS 7527 Green PMS 343 Blue PMS 2147, PMS 7687 Red PMS 187 Brown PMS 476, PMS 4975 Yellow PMS 7408    *PMS colors are a reasonable match to what is shown. Actual colors will vary from what is illustrated on this page. 32   DOWNLOAD PAGE   Need it fast? Use ACM.      

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