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 EconoBox: 2-Inch 2" EconoBox Enclosed 21/4" box with 2" square post. Legs slide into internal sleeve inside box. Custom sizes available.  EBS2-24x24     EBS2-18x24      EconoBox is simple to assemble. Simply slide the legs into the sleeve inside the box and secure appropriately. You're ready to install. Select stock powder coat colors or custom paint colors using Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane (at additional charge). EBS2-72x36 EBS2-84x36           EBS2-48x18 EBS2-60x24 EBS2-48x36                48"x18" 60"x24" 48"x36" 72"x36" 84"x36"          EBS2-36x24-Skirted EBS1-36x18 EBS1-36x24 EBS1-36x18-F            EBS2-24x36 EBS1-24x24       24"x36" 36"x24" .080 Alum. Skirt 24"x24" 43 36"x18" 18"x24" 36"x24" 24"x24" 36"x18       DOWNLOAD PAGE                

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